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Gigi Belle Gives Amazing Pussy Play Show, See the PHOTOS!

Gigi Belle has had an amazing start on She’s only been camming for a year and she’s now one of the top cam girls that fans love watching in live sex chat. This girl can do it all from findom, to sugar daddy, to all kinds of toys like butt plugs, feathers, and whips!

But in one of her best shows, Gigi gives her fan something to remember. She plays with her beautiful tits before stripping naked flashing that tight hole on all fours.

Then Gigi takes her toy and gives her pussy some pleasure. The way she fucks herself on camera is so incredible. It gets even hotter when she sucks her toy off like the bad girl she is.

There’s so much more pussy to see in this video, including a full close-up shot!

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Here’s what Gigi’s fans have said about her private shows:

“Gigi delivered a great blow job in private, talking dirty when she was not sucking as well as fondling her big, beautiful breasts!”

“Gigi looked quite sexy in her tight-fitting top that allowed her to reveal her big, beautiful breasts as she pleased. Loved her sexy tongue and DSL’s as well! She was fun, friendly, flirtatious, and active in chat.”

“Simply.. .. amazing! I’ve seen Gigi too many times not to leave a review. She always tailored each session to exactly how I like it. Such a fantastic model!”

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Girls Private Cam Shows

Olive Ray Takes a Ride on Her Dildo in Amazing Vid, See the PHOTOS!

Olive Ray knows how to take a ride on her disco stick! In one of her hottest videos on, Olive sticks a giant dildo in her mouth before sticking it inside her other slippery hole!

She starts off by showing her ass in a blue thong, then flashes her gorgeous tits.

She pulls out her dildo and gives it a good blowjob. This girl knows how to suck well.

Then she spreads her legs and sticks the toy in her tight pussy. She just loves feeling that flesh in her hole while she takes all control.

If you want to see how Olive fucks, this is one of her best ways. Just imagine how badly she can ride your cock now.

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Olive has been one of the most popular cam girls for more than five years now. She loves fulfilling dirty fantasies online and still has a lot to explore.

“I love taboo role play! The naughtier then better! I love be dominated and turned into your little cum whore. I love cuckolding switching back and forth on who gets cuckolded, but honestly, I’m open to almost any fetish play.”

Some of her fetishes include feet, roleplay games, sugar daddy, ball gags, and handcuffs. Five years as a cam girl and there are still so many activities left to play with on live cam chat! Cum see Olive shine!

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Girls Private Cam Shows

Angelica Swiss Flashes Tits, Ass, and Sucks Good Cock in Party Video, See PHOTOS!

Angelica Swiss has been one of our favorite cam girls for the past five years. She’s been featured on the blog several times, but…now we’re going to show her tits!

In one of her most recent party videos, Angelica spends more than an hour chatting with fans and getting naked on She gives some of the best shots as she bends over in front of the mirror and shows those gorgeous breasts.

She finishes the video by giving her dildo an amazing blowjob, getting it nice and wet. She knows how to make a guy feel lucky when she sucks his cock so sloppy.

What makes Angelica truly amazing is her starlet traits. She looks like such an icon with that beautiful smile. She’s like a movie star who gives the best head in live shows.

The full video can be seen right here!

This girl is all about making each fan happy and living out the best fantasy that needs to happen. Angelica can do it all from light and tender, to hard and rough.

“Let’s get lost in private together. Where your wish is my command. I love to get to know you and cater each show to someone’s specific desires and needs. I enjoy vanilla engagement as well as hardcore play, fetishes, and more. I look forward to getting to know you or discovering a new side of you soon. Just as you would tip your waitress if you enjoy your time with me don’t forget to let me know afterward.”

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Girls Private Cam Shows

Skye Rhodes Touches Herself in One of Her Best Performances, See it Here

Skye Rhodes is still nailing it as one of the top cam girls. She’s been camming for nearly two years and has lots of sexy videos available on But there’s one, in particular, that’s risen to the top of the site.

In this video, Skye looks so gorgeous in her glasses and black top. As that wavy hair flows down, she lets a tit pop out while teasing her audience.

She then gets fully naked and rubs herself all over. The way she moans and grabs tat pussy is so fucking hot.

What makes this video so great is how Skye has an aphrodisiac charm to her. Her hair flows down her tits, giving off this ethereal mystery. She’s like a TV character you’d see on HBO that gets sexy without needing to show every last detail.

You can tell what kind of mystery Skye likes to give off through these stills.

You can see the full video right here!

This girl loves spending time with guys who treat her like the belle she truly is.

“Nothing better than spending time with nice and generous men. I will always want to make sure our time together is memorable. I love men who are ready to explore their deepest craziest fantasies with me.”

These Texas girls really know how to have a good time in live sex chat.

“I’m a quite open minded southern gal, there’s absolutely nothing I don’t enjoy let’s explore our sexiest fantasies. I might have an angelic face but deep down I have an incredibly wicked mind.”

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Girls Private Cam Shows

Check Out Bambi Bi’s Pretty Pussy From Her First Video on Camster

Fuck! Bambi Bi has one hot pussy! The way she plays with it is amazing. She began her first video with the best pussy play so we knew she’d be a hit from there.

Bambi became one of the biggest cam girls on because of the way she started off. She had zero boundaries and was willing to show that beautiful hole for all of us to see.

In her first video, Bambi already has her legs spread while she touches herself with her toy. From there, she lightly touches her clit and spreads those lips, giving us her pussy in all its beautiful glory.

She does lots of fingering and more toy play while touching her nipples. It’s truly an incredible video and this was only her first. So you can imagine what her live shows were like from there…

See the full video right here!

One of Bambi’s favorite roleplay games is playing the “other woman.” She can be the mistress while you join her for a night out…or in. After all, your wife doesn’t need to know.

Bambi also swings both ways. She can suck cock all day and eat pussy all night. Any women who need their own pussies satisfied can have a sexy night in with this horny chick who loves making chicks happy.

That’s the best thing about Bambi- she can please anyone and she’s clearly been doing it since day one!

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Girls Private Cam Shows

Skye Rhodes Flashes Pretty Pussy in Party Chat, See the PHOTOS!

Skye Rhodes gets sexy as hell in her party chat. When she’s live on, she loves getting freaky for the camera. And in one of her videos, she’s already in fuck mode.

The show starts off with Skye with her legs spread as you can see the pink toy rammed in her pussy. She open wide so we can see every last bit of that beautiful hole.

Skye is also wearing colorful knee-high socks that show off her gorgeous legs. Then she opens her shirt and lets some tit fall out. Fuck yeah.

This Southern gal then adds her black vibrator to stimulate that clit. She knows exactly how to pleasure herself for some hot live sex chat. The way she brings that toy down and moans is enough to make her fans hard as fuck.

This video was released last Valentine’s Day so here’s how Skye spends the most romantic day of the year…with lots of clit stimulation for fans to jerk off to.

See the full video right here!

Skye has been one of the top cam girls for the past year on One year down and plenty more to go with lots of party shows, toy play, titty caressing, and pussy flashing. It’s about time we see more hot chicks from the South who want to get dirty as fuck in live sex chat! These jezebels really keep the heat turned up!

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Girls Private Cam Shows

Mila Treasure Takes a Black Dildo in Her Hole, See Camster PHOTOS!

“How are you, love? Long time,” Mila Treasure says in her latest video.

This gorgeous babe is so flirty when she chats with her fan on camera. She’s already in the mood for some teasing as she flashes her cute smile. But the party really starts when she takes her top off and flashes her pretty tits.

Then she bends over and shows off that thick ass. She wants a man to please her in every way possible.

Mila has her pink toy rammed in her pretty pussy. But she needs more.

She grabs her big black dildo that needs to be put somewhere. Her pussy is so wet and needs to make room for something big. That black dildo can satisfy her hole so perfectly.

She gives it a nice suck, then sticks it inside that hole. She does it gently, then goes harder. And harder.

Think Mila can cum hard? This is one of her best self-fucking videos she’s ever done. She’s been camming for more than a year and her most recent video shows how far she’s cum…

The full video can be seen right here! has thousands of cam girls and Mila has done an incredible job in her live sex shows. With that amazing energy and beautiful tattoos, she’s made friends all over the world. If she can be this much of a success in a year, let’s see where she’ll be by summer. Hopefully, with some more dildo play!

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Watch Cami Belushi Fuck Both Holes in One of Her First Videos on

Cami Belushi just celebrated her two-year anniversary as a cam girl. In honor of her celebration, let’s take a look at one of the videos that turned her into the cam slut she is.

In one of her earliest videos, Cami looks sexy in her tight T-shirt showing off her sweet titties. Then she slowly flashes her tits and her cute smile to the camera.

In a matter of minutes, Cami is naked and spreading her legs. She’s horny as fuck and needs to cum hard. So she pulls out her purple toy and rubs it all over her clit.

Cami moves into different positions as she fucks her tight hole that every fan will jerk hard to. Then she gets on all fours and gives a close-up of that pretty pussy and her asshole. She rubs her fingers all over herself and sticks her middle finger in her ass. This girl loves some good hands all over her holes and shows it off perfectly.

This is why Cami is still one of the top cam girls on after two years.

Check out the full video right here!

The best way to get to know Cami is by talking about her favorite activities. Believe it or not, this Latina chick has plenty of other hobbies besides fucking.

“My hobbies are: going to the movies, doing sports, reading, dancing, being with my friends, meeting people from different cultures, living new and fun experiences,” Cami said. “I love to travel and to know the world. To fill my day of pleasure, lust and a lot of fun to see you.”

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Watch Olive Ray Fuck Herself in Erotic Cam Show Right Here

Olive Ray has been mentioned a few times on Camster Blog. We love watching this chick play with herself in live sex chat. But some of you still haven’t seen her fully naked. Thankfully, her shows have previews available. And we’re showing them right here…

Olive has a special show titled “Me Thinking About You Deep Inside Me.” She starts off her performance lightly touching herself. Just like the angel she is, Olive reaches down her panties to get her tight hole wet for a thick cock.

She pulls down her panties and fingers herself slowly. Then she moans for more as she bangs herself harder. But it’s not enough. She needs something bigger.

She grabs her toy and rams it inside. She fucks herself, imagining how good you would feel as you make her cum. She’s been craving a hard fuck for so long now and she wants a man to make her squirt. And you can see every last inch of that amazing pussy in this hot video.

The full video can be seen right here!

This girl is one of most amazing cam girls on! She’s always there for her fans whether it’s something erotic or just an easy good time.

“I love to laugh, have fun, and make everyone in my room feel special! I want you to enjoy yourself and feel comfortable in my room! So stop by, introduce yourself, and let’s chat! I get so much enjoyment out of making your day better and putting a smile on your face whether it’s just talking and joking around or if it’s playing and cumming together. I have tons of toys and love trying new things in private. If you have a fetish let me know and let’s do it in private! Don’t be shy or think your fetish may be too weird. seriously I’ve done it all at this point and nothing is too weird!”

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