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Lissa Clayton is Making Waves After Only One Month!

Have you met Lissa Clayton on Because she wants to meet you! This girl started as one of the highest cam girls just last June. This is a spectacular summer for this brunette beauty who’s in the Top 50 of cam models. She’s clearly gorgeous and she’s a sweetheart on live sex chat. When […]

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Alice Roy’s Birthday is Coming Up; What Should We Give Her?

Happy Early Birthday, Alice Roy! Thank you for gracing us with your star-like presence for the past year on Alice’s birthday is on August 24th and she’s turning 23! What kinds of gifts does Alice like? Well, she loves traveling and painting. So some art or maybe a plane ticket for a vacation could […]

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Carla Daze is Performing With ‘Deep Pleasure’ in New Camster Shows

Carla Daze has been one of the top cam girls for only six months on In her short time on live sex chat, she’s set for some seductive performances behind the camera later this summer. She’s starting her shows with “good vibes” that will give her fans “deep pleasure.” Sounds like she’s here to […]

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Victoria Desire Talks Sex Positions, First Successful Cam Moment, and Making Shows ‘Last Forever’

“You know I can be your good girl or your RED devil when needed!” Victoria Desire can do it all… This gorgeous babe started her camming career in 2017 and she’s been a smash ever since she bared her beautiful tits for the first time. After four years on, Victoria opened up in her […]

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Gigi Belle Gives Amazing Pussy Play Show, See the PHOTOS!

Gigi Belle has had an amazing start on She’s only been camming for a year and she’s now one of the top cam girls that fans love watching in live sex chat. This girl can do it all from findom, to sugar daddy, to all kinds of toys like butt plugs, feathers, and whips! […]

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Latina Cam Girl Alison Ross Reveals Her Favorite Kind of Men

Alison Ross has been one of the top models for two years now on She’s one of the hottest Latina cam girls with blonde hair who loves flashing those beautiful tits. But what does she look for in a man who can make her quiver with anticipation? Alison is very open-minded and loves chatting […]

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Sarah Talks Freedom of Camming, Her Favorite Literature, and Her Wildest Fantasies!

Calling all book lovers! If you’ve just read an amazing novel with swordfights, love stories, and whimsical fantasies, then talk about it with Sarah! This cam girl is a huge book fan and can talk about her favorite stories forever. And somewhere in the midst of your conversation, she might just remove her top and […]

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12 Years Later and Colombian Mariana is Still Nailing it on Sex Chat!

12 years as one of the top cam girls on the web…Colombian Mariana is an angel sent down to Earth to make us all cum in live sex chat. This girl’s anniversary is coming up on the 24th so let’s all celebrate! Mariana is one of the longest-running girls on who’s still very active […]

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Kylie Burn is Celebrating Three Years as a Cam Girl!

Happy Almost Three-Year Anniversary to Kylie Burn! This alternative chick has made some beautiful memories for the past three years on and she has plenty more cumming soon! Her big day is on August 9th! So how can you enjoy the night with her? Obviously, she loves to be spoiled. But she also loves […]

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Annemarie Art Can Be Your Private Dancer This Summer in New Camster Show

Annemarie Art is having an anniversary next month on What better way to pop the champagne than with a private show where she’ll show her most sensual dancing skills…she’s got some amazing moves. This is the first time Annemarie has been featured on this blog. It’s about time we’ve put her in since this […]

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