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“It was the best I’ve seen so far. Very beautiful and has an amazing body. Does not ask for more credits to do something u ask for like most of the other ones. “

“So sexy n beautiful n such a turn on. She is very naughty.”

“I’ve never met a woman that makes me smile so much. Her beauty is not matched. You cannot take your eyes off her. She’s so special. A woman that makes you laugh, makes you feel like your the only person on Earth. It’s mind-boggling how she can be kind, fun, caring, sexy, and naughty in a way that makes you comfortable to explore. She’s so easy to be with. I’d like to just hang out with her.”

Some of Mikyy’s fetishes are domination, orgasm control, smoking, and ass to mouth. Want to eat this girl’s ass? Just have her bend over and taste every last inch of this eternal beauty.

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