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In one of this cam girl’s videos from earlier this year, she looks sexy as fuck in her purple bra and plaid skirt. She has her pigtails tied up and looks like the sexy cheerleader we always wanted to fuck.

But guess what? This girl doesn’t want to fuck. She just wants to make you feel worthless and pathetic. She knows she’s better than others and craves men who feel low so they can see how badly they want to fuck her…and never will.

“The most vile and malicious people on this Earth have wives and girlfriends…for fuck sake, Charles Manson just got married in jail. How does that feel?”

Ambrianna continues to tell her fans that they need to get on their knees and admit they’re losers…and jerk that “little shrimp dick.”

She has the power. All of it. And she needs to be seen.

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